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Furnishing proposals: ethics and aesthetics

We create furniture for our customers in natural wood, wood produced with low environmental impact methods and, always, of high quality. We can create tables, chairs and furnishing accessories to combine with an ad hoc parquet proposal, both for shops and private homes.

Wood as the lowest common denominator

Made with selected raw materials, our wooden proposals  aim to coordinate the elements which make up the rooms, then coordinate the furnishings with parquet and wooden panelling, to offer those who enjoy those contexts a unique and satisfying experience. In all this, wood is the protagonist, which creates synergies.

From parquet to furnishings and vice versa

We provide our expertise and experience to build coordinated environments, where at the table the most suitable parquet or vice versa is associated, where each element is designed to determine the optimal conditions – aesthetic and practical – of each space.


High-quality natural wood

For furniture, walls and accessories, as for floors, we use top-quality natural wood which comes from sustainable forests, forests managed using natural and respectful processes.

Design of wooden furniture

We create wooden furnishings for each context and on the basis of the requests and wishes of the client, also in collaboration with important architectural firms and furniture stores, always with methods which combine modern technologies with the wisdom of traditional craftsmanship. Tables, chairs and stools with Organic material in solid wood, furnishings which can be completed with matching wood and parquet coatings.

The solution for your store or your home

The proposals are ideal both for private homes and for commercial activities. The natural wood furnishings can be chosen with the advice and directions of our experienced staff. At our showrooms the customer can find all the samples of the materials treated in order to be able to “touch” them, choose and decide on every detail with our help.


Doors in wood, glass, laminate…

Doors created with high-quality materials and latest-generation technologies for aesthetically pleasing results, elegant and functional lines, solid and safe doors made in every shape and size, with maximum versatility and customisation. We have a large collection which ranges from classic to modern interior doors.

Interior doors, armoured, wall-mounted, sliding

The range of doors which we offer in our showrooms – in Presezzo (BG) and Brembate di Sopra (BG) – includes numerous solutions such as wall-mounted, sliding, packaged, armoured doors, etc… all doors with advanced technical features, the result of the meeting of innovation and tradition, experience, professionalism and continuous research on the best proposals which the sector produces.

How to choose the best door

Our staff are available to offer advice on choosing the most suitable door, based on your needs and preferences. It is a very important phase of our work, where the needs are listened to and the best solutions are indicated accordingly, possibly also with inspections and immediate checks. In-depth knowledge of materials and finishes, competence and above all experience are what distinguish us: we have the right product for you.



Joinery service for doors, ceilings, furniture, windows, skirting boards and more.

We also provide post-sales assistance.

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