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Each environment can be enhanced through fine finishes, whether it is an office, a house, a hotel, a sports environment or an open space, terraces, swimming pools, gardens, verandas, as well as walls, shelves, ceilings… any context, even to the outside, it can transmit warmth and emotions through the wood.

We accompany you in your choices with high-quality materials!

For wooden floors, hardwood floors and all other elements we use the best materials, solid wood or WPC precomposed wood, wood chosen from selected essences to obtain a solution of unparalleled elegance and quality, which endures over time with the unchanged and comfortable pleasure of its first day.

Quick and practical cleaning and maintenance

The wood, thanks to its elasticity, allows us to obtain a comfortable walking surface, a pleasant environment, exalted chromatically by warm tones. But, as maritime and naval tradition tells us, wood is also excellent because it allows easy cleaning and maintenance of various surfaces, in a practical and rapid way.

Durability and great resistance to wear

Solidity, typical of the wood which suitably treated to resist the wear of atmospheric agents as best as possible, also favours their use for outdoor environments with a great variety of uses: for parquet, floors and walls, for shelves, ceilings, furnishings and so on. Thanks to our experience we can choose the best and most suitable wood for your needs; after laying by our qualified staff, we can ensure a solution which will last over time (always in the best conditions).

Parquet for swimming pools

The wood, thanks to its characteristics of elasticity, solidity and extreme practicality, also becomes an important element for the flooring around the pools.

Among the features to be taken into consideration are its resistance to atmospheric agents, its anti-slip properties, as well as its walkability in bare feet due to its strong resistance to water and chlorine.

L’azienda Il Parquet di Colombari sceglie anche il legno come pavimentazione per le piscine, grazie a tutte le sue caratteristiche e alla grande resistenza all’usura.

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