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Products for parquet maintenance

Wood is a living substance, it needs to be nourished, to breathe, to maintain the right hydration, to be adequately protected from aggression, from anything which could damage it.

Only by using the best products and with the right and regular maintenance of a parquet can a wooden floor preserve its beauty over time.

We also supply every product necessary for parquet maintenance, we have:

  • Cleaning products for parquet
  • Protective products for all types of floors
  • Products for painted, oiled and waxed floors
  • WOCA brand treatments and natural products
  • Specific and high-quality products under our brand…

If you use the right products and treatments, the wooden floor, whether oiled or varnished, is placed indoors or outdoors, keeping it clean and healthy, beautiful and shiny, solid and vigorous.


To preserve the beauty of wood over time, it is necessary to intervene with the necessary solutions, which can include maintenance and the use of valid and effective products, capable of maintaining the natural charm of wood and parquet.
One of the best brands in the field of wooden floors and parquet is TRAPA, a company specialised in floors which are free of paint and toxic substances, treated in a natural way, with products and solutions which allow the wood to breathe, giving a healthy climate to the interior of each environment.
TRAPA also offers very efficient natural products for the care of the parquet, which do not spoil the beauty of the wood but nourish it, respect it, cleaning it, treating it in a natural way. Il Parquet di Giovanni Colombari chooses and offers detergents and products for the maintenance and care of the parquet, products for cleaning the surface of the wood, which renew it and make it live long and at its optimum.

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